Rupert Wainwright director of Stigmata breaths life back into John Carpenters The Fog.Charter boat Captain Nick Castle (Smallville’s Tom Welling) and his first mate Brett Spooner (De Ray Davis) accidentally disturb a ship wreck from 1865 and awaken the spirits of Antonio Bay's hidden history. If that’s not enough to deal with Nicks wayward girlfriend Elizabeth (Maggie Grace) appears back in town just as the fog rolls in forcing Nick to forget his affair with local DJ Stevie Wayne (Selma Blair). All three are descendants of the founding fathers with whom the spectres of the fog have a score to settle.Wainwright has created an atmospheric horror film that is more reminiscent of the B grade classics of the 50’s and 60’s than the blood thirsty body count horror picks of today. Even though the performances are run of the mill there are many visual moments when the film excels. The silhouetted vista of the ghost ship is certainly chilling and it’s translucent spectres bring back fond memories of the Saturday matinee. With Carpenter still on board as co producer and co writer of this low budget tale has been enhanced rather than butchered. The Fog is certainly no master piece but offers more in terms of reinvention than the many lousy remakes we have been dished up recently.