Peter (Jason Segel) is a struggling musician who finds his world turned upside down when his TV celebrity girlfriend, Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell), dumps him for a tragically hip rock star (Russell Brand).


Forgetting Sarah Marshall is the latest film from 'The Juddernaut’, which is what I like to call producer Judd Apatow’s cinematic onslaught. Like Apatow’s hits Knocked Up and The 40-Year-Old Virgin, this is a raunchy romantic comedy centred on a loveable loser.

Pete has just been dumped by his girlfriend, Sarah Marshall, a TV actress on a CSI-style show. To heal his broken heart, he heads to a Hawaiian resort – only to find his ex is staying there with her new bloke, British rock superstar Aldous Snow. Pete’s only consolation is a tentative friendship with free-spirited resort employee, Rachael.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
borrows a lot of its material. TV show Frasier had a classic episode about competing couples at a resort. Talk show hosts have already made sport of CSI: Miami’s David Caruso and his sunglasses. And Apatow did the full-frontal male nudity thing in last year’s Walk Hard. Somehow, though, this familiarity doesn’t matter much, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall still seems fresh and funny.

Writer and star Jason Segel isn’t afraid to bare himself – physically and emotionally – for our amusement but he has the good sense to give many of the biggest laughs to the supporting cast.

You’ll have to be the judge of who steals the show better – Paul Rudd as the resort’s stoned surfer or Russell Brand as the blithely hedonistic rock pig.

The film’s other asset is Mila Kunis as Racheal. The camera not only loves her, but she also brings that very charming 'something' to the role the way Cameron Diaz did in There’s Something About Mary.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall mightn’t have Knocked Up’s heart, but it’s good for dozens of guffaws and rates three and a half stars.