One rainy night in Dallas FBI agent Doyle, Powers Boothe, is called to his office to hear the testimony of a man, Fenton Meiks, Matthew McConaughey, who wants to identify the serial killer responsible for the God's Hand murders. Meiks tells Doyle a tale that goes back to when he was a 12 year old in the town of Thurman in West Texas, living with his single Dad, Bill Paxton and his 9 year old brother Adam. One night Dad wakes the boys telling them that he's been visited by an angel with a message from god: There are demons in the world and God has a special plan for the family. Dad gradually gathers the tools for his mission which becomes more and more macabre. This metaphysical thriller has been extremely well handled by Paxton, this is no gross-out gore-fest, it's an amazingly effective horror film in the truest sense of the word. What's more horror-filled than being a powerless child with a maniacal and murderous father? Young Matthew O'Leary and Jeremy Sumpter give excellent performances as the young Fenton and Adam and McConaughey is very convincing. Powers Boothe is always solid. The film is based on a clever screenplay by newcomer Brent Handley who's explored horror behind ordinariness. I'm not entirely convinced of the politics of the film, but as a gripping experience it's quite an original.