Tom Green is a comedian of specific and non-derivative talent from the world of television. He`s had cameo roles in Charlie`s Angels and Roadtrip but with Freddy Got Fingered he co- wrote, he directed and he stars. It`s slightly hard coming to grips with Gord Brody. Gord seems to have a personality disorder of quite major proportions, he has frequent hysterical outbursts in which he repeats phrases over and over, he has a fondness for aiding in the breeding practices of large animals like horses and elephants. Gord wants to be an animator and at the beginning of the film he sets off from his home in Portland to Los Angeles but it`s not long before he returns after failure to his father Jim - Rip Torn - and mother Julie - Julie Hagarty - who are rather less enthusiastic about his return than his departure. The plot is merely a skeleton on which Green lurches from one outrageous act to another. The one where he delivers a baby and uses the umbilical cord as a lasso is a doozy. I must admit I didn`t find this film funny. Confronting yes, puzzling yes. I don`t understand what Green is attempting here unless it`s the sort of comedy Andy Kauffman died by. Certainly he doesn`t compromise his act for his audience, he`s way out there. Is it art? Or is it pointlessly crude and infantile? Green is aided and abetted by brave performers like Green`s real life wife Drew Barrymore and Marisa Coughlin who plays his wheelchair bound girlfriend and good old Rip Torn. By the way Freddy is his younger brother and the title of the film refers to untrue accusations he makes against his father. Is there an audience for this sort of comedy? Most probably, but it isn`t me.