Bruce Beresford's critically-acclaimed adaptation of the Nene Gare novel tells the story of an Aboriginal family's attempts to forge a new life for themselves within the segregated society. At the urging of headstrong teenager Trilby, the Comeaways relocate from their family camp, to a house in the main town.

Sincere, beautifully made and enjoyable.

With the help of Donald McAlpine's splendid photography, Bruce Beresford, a superb director of actors, has told the story of the Comeaway's with humour and affection, and The Fringe Dwellers should I hope appeal to a wide audience. I do wish that Beresford had made it a period piece, and set it in 1961 when the book was written, because for all its virtues it is an old-fashioned film: no mention of land's rights, no mention of politics. And yet it's sincere, beautifully made and enjoyable, and I wish it well. Definitely worth seeing.