When Mrs Laura Henderson (Judi Dench) is widowed in 1937, she\'s soon bored - until she sees an old London theatre that\'s for sale, in Old Windmill Street. She buys it and hires Vivan Van Damm (Bob Hoskins) to run it for her, as a music hall venue, featuring tastefully choreographed nude girls. Things go well, despite their personality clash, and when World War II breaks out a couple of years later, The Windmill remains open even through the air raids, much to the appreciation of the soldiers on leave from the front. Threatened with closure by the authorities, Mrs Henderson steps up on a soap box and defends her much loved hobby.

Judie Dench and Bob Hoskins make acting look simple in this beautifully styled British drama.

Mrs Henderson Presents is lively and fun, courtesy of a crisp, witty script by Martin Sherman and two great actors. Dench is superbly sharp tongued and Hoskins, gruff but charming. London\'s theatre world in the late 30sis carefully recreated and the vaudeville and kitschy nude tableaus arewonderfully staged. But it\'s not without flaws. Director Stephen Frears didn\'t really get his head around the scenes relating to war. They\'re more theatrical than the shows the Windmill put on. But you can look past the melodrama, because of the blistering interactions between the two stars, who make acting seem so simple. Welcome to the Bob and Judy show.

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1 hour 43 min