In 1962, the Italian luxury liner Antonia Graza suffered a terrible fate: all but one of the passengers and crew were killed, the only survivor being a young girl, Emily Browning; the ship then seems to have disappeared. In the present day, Murphy, Gabriel Byrne, the captain of the Arctic Warrior, a scruffy salvage ship operating off Alaska, is alerted to the existence of the Antonia Graza by Ferriman, Desmond Herrington, a pilot who took an aerial picture of it; Murphy reluctantly agrees to allow Ferriman to join him and his crew, Epps, Julianna Margulies, Dodge, Ron Eldard, Greer, Isaiah Washington, Santos, Alex Dimitriades, and Munder, Karl Urban, in a salvage operation, and when they find gold aboard the mysterious ship they have visions of untold riches - that's before the ghosts start to attack. Ghost Ship was made by the same team that made last year's 13 Ghosts, and like that film it starts off with a reasonable premise, if you like ghost movies, and then gets sillier, and less exciting, as it proceeds. Filmed at the Warner Bros studios on the Gold Coast, it's a waste of time and money, the only interesting element being the production design by Graham 'Grace' Walker. The cast, including Alex Dimitriades, walk through their unrewarding roles without distinction.