You just know that young Owen, Liam Aitkin, is going to choose Hubble at the dogpound. He's a terrier that we know has arrived from outerspace to check on how earth dogs are going. Hubble, voiced by Matthew Broderick, is a no-nonsense dog, he has authority and inspires the dogs that Liam has been walking for pocket money, like the miniature greyhound - voice Brittany Murphy, and the standard poodle - voice Delta Burke. Owen is a bit of a lonely boy because his parents are constantly moving, they make their living by doing up houses and selling them. In Hubble, Owen finds an absolute best friend. The dogs are sweet and young Liam Aitkin is winning as Owen, but there is a predictability, a lack of freshness to Good Boy! that makes you realise just how much Babe achieved with talking animals. And the ending is sooooo overworked to milk sentiment that you feel a bit patronised, but for the most part director John Hoffman keeps everything on a familiar but quite likeable track. Good Boy!'s appeal is once again that it's wholesome family entertainment, which can be a bit thin on the ground these days, but which seem to be proliferating at the moment.Comments by David StrattonA dismal talking woofer film, which shows just how good Babe was. About a dog from outer space, the film manages to feature both humans and dogs that are utterly charmless, which must have been pretty difficult to achieve.