Stu Miley (Brendan Fraser) has the world at his feet. The cartoonist has just had his strip, Monkeybone, made into a TV pilot with the promise of a series – and merchandising tie-ins. But Stu’s priority is to propose to his girlfriend Julie (Bridget Fonda). While trying to get home to pop the question properly, a bizarre car accident involving an inflatable prototype leaves him in a coma. He finds his mind has gone to Downtown, a place where nightmares are made. There he finds the 'real" Monkeybone (voiced by John Turrturo), a manic simian with an overactive libido. Meanwhile, time is running out for Stu in the real world – if he doesn’t revive, his life support will be turned off. The only way out of Downtown is with an exit pass; but Monkeybone has plans to use Stu to snaffle one for his own purposes.

Brendan Fraser is not going to regard this as his finest moment on celluloid.

Brendan Fraser plays Stu, an LA cartoonist who`s just sold an animated series based on his libidinous character Monkeybone to cable television. He`s injured in an accident just before proposing to his doctor girlfriend Julie - Bridget Fonda. The comatose Stu - despite the best efforts of his sister to pull the plug - is jolted into the nightmare realm of Downtown where Monkeybone is alive and active. Monkeybone ultimately betrays his creator and returns to the land of the living in Stu`s body to create havoc and woo Julie.

Looking at this film you wonder just what the audience is for it - it`s got an M rating for the truly grotesque nature of some of its material - suitable only for the 15 pluses - and yet so much of the humour is puerile, aimed you would think at the under sevens. Director Henry Selick is a protege of Tim Burton and his provenance shows, but he lacks Burton`s talent to balance the macabre with art and eccentricity.

Brendan Fraser is not going to regard this as his finest moment on celluloid and neither is Bridget Fonda who`s only given bland to play. Monkeybone, voiced by John Turturro is a truly uncharismatic character. This is one of those expensive disasters that studios like Fox can only wring their hands about.