Master filmmaker Werner Herzog explores the life and gruesome death of amateur grizzly bear expert and wildlife preservationist Timothy Treadwell, through footage shot by Treadwell himself. A powerful and cautionary tale about modern man’s attachment to nature, it follows Treadwell’s annual journeys to Alaska where he lived amongst the grizzlies.

A remarkable documentary, giving insight into the human condition and the animal world.

The showcase also includes Werner Herzog\'s new documentary, about the late eco warrior Timothy Treadwell, whose antics rival those of Steve Irwin, Grizzly Man. Timothy Treadwell walked a fine line between madness and sanity in his quest to protect the grizzly bear. For thirteen summers he was flown into the remote Alaskan wilderness to live amongst them. In his last five years he recorded over 100 hours of intimate footage of these creatures in their natural habitat. Treadwell and his girl friend Amie Huguenard were killed by a rogue grizzly in 2003.

Herzog\'s documentary cuts between Treadwell\'s footage and interviews with his family, friends and critics, to reveal a depressed individual who felt like an outsider in the modern world. Perhaps Treadwell\'s greatest fault was to cross the barrier between human and bear, convinced he was loved unconditionally by all wildlife. Herzog\'s remarkable documentary gives as much insight into the human condition as it does the animal world.