When he's just a boy in India Ramu walks out of a classic Bombay musical, he has his sights set over the rainbow on John Travolta-land. Which is why Ramu as a young man, Jimi Mistry, has no problems leaving his job as a dance instructor to head for fame and fortune in New York where things turn out a little differently from what he'd imagined. He finds himself sharing a run-down apartment with three others and serving up chicken tikka as a waiter to survive. When he gets a call for an audition it turns out to be for a porn film with actress Sharonna, Heather Graham. He fails badly in the performance department but she's kind to him, offering worldly wisdom about sex and the business. Accidentally at a New Age party given by therapy-crazed socialite Lexi, Marisa Tomei, he stands in for the invited guru who becomes too drunk to connect. He becomes a craze under Lexi's patronage, giving out Sharonna's homespun advice to entrance his acolytes. Attempting to achieve some sort of cross-cultural comedy The Guru disappoints on a number of levels. The humour is not particularly funny, it takes the obvious path where a bit of wit would have lifted the film, the performances are broadly drawn but that may be because there's little character development in Tracy Jackson's screenplay and little inspiration in Daisy Von Scherler Mayer's direction. Despite an occasional dash of charm The Guru is a majorly forgettable film.