The Twentyman brothers are all serving time in prison. Dale, Guy Pearce, the oldest is the brains of the family; Mal, Damien Richardson, a butcher by profession, is a sweet natured softie; Shane, Joel Edgerton, is unstable and quick-tempered. The brothers’ smarmy lawyer, Frank Malone, Robert Taylor, has organised for the Twentymans to continue their life of crime even though they’re behind bars; with the help of corrupt cops, Vince Colosimo and Paul Sonkilla, the lads are let out on day release, rob a bank, and then return to the nick. The main rule is: No violence. But when their sentences come to an end Frank, who Dale suspects is having an affair with his wife, Carol, Rachel Griffiths, proposes something more ambitious – the robbery of bookies after the running of the Melbourne Cup. This very entertaining first feature by writer-director Scott Roberts is a bit Tarantino-ish in the way it mixes crime, comedy, sex and violence in about equal proportions. The pacing is fast and furious, the audience is kept guessing most of the time, the plotting’s clever, and the actors are terrific. Guy Pearce gives his edgiest performance to date, while Rachel Griffiths extends her comedy range as the faithless Carol. Damien Richardson and Joel Edgerton create genuinely fresh characters as the brothers, and the supporting cast is flawless, with special mention going to Kate Atkinson as a ditzy woman the brothers encounter and whose role might profitably have been expanded.