The Heartbreak Kid marks the first time Ben Stiller and the Farrelly brothers have worked together since their monster hit “There's Something about Mary”.

Interestingly they decided to remake the 1972 comedy classic “ The Heartbreak Kid” which starred Cybill Shepard and Charles Grodin.
The Farrelly's believed they could add their particular flavour to the updated version.

Eddie Cantrow (Stiller) after years of bachelorhood impulsively decides to marry the beautiful Lila. Whilst on honeymoon Eddie realises he has made a terrible mistake and to make matters worse, he has fallen in love with the down to earth Miranda.

There are some very, very funny scenes, executed with the brother's trademark absurdity and Stiller's refined comic genius. The car trip with Eddie and his new bride on the way to their honeymoon is hilarious. And Lila's penchant for over the top raunchy bedroom behaviour defies belief and is side splittingly funny.

However, the set up between Eddie and his father in earlier scenes seemed a little forced and contrived. Which was odd, as it was Stiller's real life father Jerry who played the role.

But I think it was the character of Eddie that confused me the most…. and the ending I thought was particularly challenging.

As always the soundtrack is terrific and there are some good performances. Malin Akerman as the sweet and sour Lila is terrific in what is a truly brave performance. She is definitely an actress to watch

I really wish I had enjoyed this film more as I am a fan of the Farrelly brothers and Ben Stiller. However, on the whole, the movie lacked the cohesion to lift it into the realm of their other comedy classics.

Whilst being entertaining for the most part I felt The Heartbreak kid just lacked…. Heart… 3 stars.