Well, he went ?bananas?, he ?rode again? and then he went to Monte Carlo ? yes, Herbie ?the love bug? is back on the big screen where he was first born. In 1969 kids? film The Love Bug introduced Disney?s beloved little white Volkswagon Beetle to the world. It was a huge hit spawning five sequels, the last being a TV remake of The Love Bug in 1997, starring Evil Dead actor Bruce Campbell. Which is no doubt why Herbie has been revived for a new generation in Herbie: Fully Loaded.Dean Jones was the star of the original Love Bug films. The new honour goes to actress-turned-pop princess Lindsay Lohan last seen in teen satire Mean Girls (2004) and I Was A Teenage Drama Queen (2004). In Fully Loaded she plays Maggie Peyton, the daughter of NASCAR racing driver Ray Peyton Sr. (Michael Keaton in yet another walk-through role). For Maggie?s college graduation present Ray buys VW Herbie, who has been languishing at a car wreckers yard. The magic ?vee-dub? helps Maggie realise her dream of following in her dad?s footsteps as a driver for ?Team Peyton?. Of course Ray has other ideas for his ?little girl?.With the exception of Batman Begins, I can?t remember the last time I?ve seen a dead-in the-water movie franchise revived so successfully. Herbie: Fully Loaded retains the essence of the original films so faithfully. Like 1969?s The Love Bug, this Herbie movie is incredibly playful and loaded with corny romance, cheeky car humour, ?goodies? and ?baddies?, including an hilarious Matt Dillon as the evil ?Trip Murphy?, Maggie?s celebrity-driver rival.Amazingly ? for a new film that could have gone so high tech, especially given its ?Matrix-esque? title ? Herbie is only given a tiny makeover. Even for the inevitable big race the car isn?t that souped up. The filmmakers clearly resisted the temptation to go nuts with CG technology, which pays off in the end. It is a nice, balanced blend between the old and the new.And the only ?New Beetle? on the scene is the one Herbie falls for, ushered in by Lionel Richie?s ballad ?Hello?. Moments as cheesy as this make Herbie: Fully Loaded so much fun and a fab family film.