Dakota Fanning stars as Emily, a grieving child, whose mother has committed suicide. Her father, psychologist David Calloway, played by Robert de Niro, tries to resolve her pain by taking her away to an isolated community in upstate NY. In the depths of her sorrow, Emily finds comfort in an imaginary friend called ?Charlie?. It starts off very innocently. They play games of hide and seek. But then things become disturbing, and we begin to wonder whether Charlie?s really imagined at all.Hide & Seek shows great potential in its set design and cinematography, but the plot quickly becomes predictable, clich?d and formula-driven. The story takes countless false turns that lead nowhere. There were so many red herrings I thought I was at the fish markets! After Analyse This... and That; and Meet the Fockers... and the Parents, De Niro fans may be impatient to see him take on a more challenging role. Unfortunately this is not it. Take the Shine out of The Shining and you?ll have Hide and Seek. Go back, go back whatever you are!