Living an idyllic life on the west coast of America are Claire and Tom Kubik, Ashley Judd and Jim Caviezel. She?s a defence lawyer, he?s an artist of sorts. When they have a break-in at their home Tom?s fingerprints are part of the analysis and all too soon the military arrive ? it turns out he?s not Tom at all, he?s Ron Chapman, suspected of war crimes in El Salvador 15 years ago. Claire goes through anguish, doubts, outrage and eventual determination to defend her husband in his court martial. Coming up against the military and its cover-up of what really happened she turns to a burnt-out alcoholic military lawyer Charlie Grimes, Morgan Freeman for help. Of all the things this movie could have been, especially with director Carl Franklin at the helm, it turns out to be just another serviceable thriller at the mercy of its screenplay. Ashley Judd is pert throughout, although Amanda Peet as her loser sister seems a bit superfluous. However Morgan Freeman, although he walks through his role here, still has the power to make us sit up and take notice. With enough red herrings to spur a fishing frenzy the film nevertheless telegraphs its intentions, well it did to me and I?m notoriously dense about such things.