One fateful night at McCool\'s bar brings Jewel Valentine (Liv Tyler) into the lives of three men who fall in love with her. Randy (Matt Dillon), a barman at McCools, his cousin Carl (Paul Reiser) and Detective Dehling (John Goodman) all see Jewel as their perfect woman. As each recalls events through their own eyes, Jewel\'s manipulation of her three suitors is revealed, leading to a showdown that brings hitman Burmeister (Michael Douglas) into play.

An attractive cast who deliver fantastically in this quirky comedy.

Jewel, played by Liv Tyler, is a woman you`ll never forget - well, Randy, Dehling and Carl certainly won`t forget her. As each man reveals to a father confessor, they met her one night at McCool`s. Randy, Matt Dillon, tells hitman Mr. Burmeister, Michael Douglas, how he saved Jewel from the thuggish Utah, took her home with him, and then discovered she and Utah planned to rob him. Detective Dehling, John Goodman, explains to his priest, Richard Jenkins, that he also fell for Jewel, even though she was obviously up to her pretty neck in murder and mayhem. And the sleazy Carl, Paul Reiser, tells his shrink, Reba McIntire, all about HIS kinky relationship with the mysterious young woman.

One Night At McCool`s is very much in the post-Tarantino school of cool, hip, humorous violence. Though it runs out of ideas before the end, and concludes with some unnecessarily protracted mayhem, it`s mostly fun, and the humour comes from the quite witty scripting and the engaging performances. Liv Tyler positively oozes sex as the man- eating Jewel, Michael Douglas is hilarious as the hitman with a Johnny Cash hairdo, John Goodman is fun as the defective detective, and Matt Dillon brings a note of sanity to the increasingly off the wall proceedings. It isn`t hard to see that director Harald Zwart comes music videos and rock clips, but for most of the film he does a pretty sleek job of extracting humour from these obsessive characters.