This hilarious satire of the film industry follows Bobby Taylor in his attempts to become a successful actor, and the many obstacles he encounters through a series of skits (for instance, a "Black acting school" where white actors teach students the art of Jive Talk, or a Siskel & Ebert spoof: "Sneakin' in the Movies"). Produced, directed, and co-written by Robert Townsend, the film reflects Townsend's real-life experiences, when the only roles available to Black actors were for thugs, or when he was regularly told he was too black or not black enough for certain roles.


A bit rough around the edges, but it has an original humour and satirical edge that override any technical deficiencies. Townsend has a considerable comedy talent and the fact that he had to make his own movie to prove it speaks volume.

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1 hour 18 min
In Cinemas 20 March 1987,