This felt like a tired old fairytale to me. Once upon a time a group of teenagers took to the road in the dark of night on their way to a football match. They run into car problems and the girls, Paige and Carly, Paris Hilton and Elisha Cuthbert, convince the boys to camp overnight just outside of town. The next day, in search of a mechanic, they stumble upon a derelict wax museum with scarily life-like exhibits. When they finally track down gas station owner Bo, Brian Van Holt, he?s not too happy to see them, but at least he?s more animated than the rest of the townsfolk appear to be.House of Wax sticks rigidly to formula. What was once a classic horror film has now melted away to become a nasty, clich?-ridden slash fest. Too much time is wasted setting up the story, taking away from the suspense, and when the moment the audience is waiting for finally arrives, the brutal slaying of Paris Hilton?s Paige, I was so desperate for some distraction that I found myself cheering with the crowd. Give me Vincent Price and a pair of 3D glasses any day.