What is it that women do that drives men away? It's exactly the sort of article you'd find in a woman's magazine. The research for the article is what How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is all about. Andie Anderson, Kate Hudson, is a journalist for a woman's magazine. Even though she's sick of writing 'How to...' guides, when a friend is dumped by her boyfriend she suggests to her editor, played by Bebe Neuwirth, that she gets a man to fall in love with her and then do all the overly clingy, overly caring things that women do that seem to drive their men away. All this in ten days. Meanwhile advertising hotshot and major womaniser Benjamin Barry, Matthew McConaughey, needs to prove he has staying power with women to prove to his bosses he can handle a new jewellery account. He has to maintain a relationship for ten days. Maliciously mismatched but needing one another to prove their points these two 'fall in love'. This should be a light souffle? of a movie, a farce based on uncomfortable truths. But screenwriters Kristen Buckley, Brian Regan and Burr Steers threw subtlety out the window when they adapted Michelle Alexander's and Jennie Long's book. So although Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey are both attractive stars they are forced into some very obvious paces in this. Neither of their characters is tremendously likeable as a result. Director Donald Petrie really wears out the film's welcome with its nearly two hour duration.Comments by David StrattonKate Hudson is charming and shows something of her mother's sense of comedy timing in this quite amiable comedy, which starts with a decent premise and doesn't make the mistake so many American comedies these days make of declining into stupidity. But the fly in the ointment is Matthew McConaughey, who lacks the style and substance to provide Hudson with the kind of romantic-comic partner she needs.