20,000 years ago, Sid the friendly Sloth attaches himself to Manfred, the aloof Mammoth. They rescue a human baby from the river, and decide to try to return it to its tribe. But Diego, a sabre-tooth tiger, has been sent on a mission by his boss to get the human child at any cost; Diego tags along with the other two, while Scrat, a tenacious rodent, tries desperately not to be parted from his precious acorn...Ice Age is an animated film very much in the tradition of Shrek - indeed, the central friendship between the mammoth and the sloth is almost identical to the ogre donkey partnership in the earlier film. What the film lacks in originality, it just about makes up for with its good humour, albeit very American humour, and the direction, by Oscar winning Chris Wedge, is on a high level. If this doesn`t quite match the entertainment of Shrek and the Pixar films, it`s still an amiable enough adventure which parents and grandparents will find pretty easy to sit through. Ice Age opened in the States last week with unanticipated box office business, perhaps due to the fact that the trailer of the new Star Wars film was shown before it.