Lanie Kerrigan (Angelina Jolie) is an ambitious Seattle television reporter, who lives with her fiance, baseball star Cal (Christian Kane) and leads a near perfect life. When on assignment with cameraman Pete (Edward Burns), she interviews homeless seer Prophet Jack (Tony Shalhoub), who predicts she will die within a week. When Prophet Jack’s other predictions come true, Lanie begins to re-assess her structured, disciplined life.

Jolie and Burns light up the screen with their comedic performances and their looks.

Lanie Kerrigan, Angelina Jolie, is a Monroe lookalike feature reporter on Seattle television who has her sights on a network career. When her boss nominates her for just such a job her perfect life just couldn\'t get any better. Except the boss wants her to improve her skills by working with cameraman Pete, Ed Burns, with whom she once shared a one night stand and now bitterly regrets it. But all resentment about working with Pete shrinks into insignificance when Lanie interviews a homeless prophet, Tony Shaloub, who not only predicts the outcome of the next football match, he predicts hail the next morning and he predicts her death the following Thursday. When the first two come true Lanie\'s perfect life becomes like a big fat greasy donut. She goes into a spin, but Pete\'s supportive of this woman whose life he despises.

Quite nicely directed by Stephen Herek, this is fluff stuff for sure, but I don\'t think it\'s quite as anti-feminist as some people think. I think a lot of people are reassessing life in the fast lane - maybe there is a downside to fame and fortune, as a wonderful cameo by Stockard Channing shows. Angelina Jolie is actually fine as the brittle career girl who softens when faced with imminent death but it\'s Ed Burns who brings a sexy warmth to the film, he has such a nice non-starry presence. The film\'s a bit hokey but as I said, I\'m a sucker for romance.