A witty, satirical film that reflects our insecurities about self image.

Look at Me is the latest film from screenwriters and actors, Agn's Jaoui and husband Jean Pierre Bacri. It's Jaoui's second time in the Director's chair, after 2000's The Taste of Others, and stars Marilou Berry fresh out of acting school.

Look At Me
is a perceptive response to a world obsessed with image. Watching Lolita (Marilou Berry) suffer day to day humiliations is distressing, but through her, Agnes Jaoui reminds us how women are often sidelined and can be rendered invisible, because of their body shape. While these reflections are taken very seriously, Look at Me also blends in a witty satire about the cult of celebrity, within the confines of the Parisian literary and musical establishment – the type of environment that the filmmakers themselves move around in – and their observations are spot on.