Dean, Andrew Curry, is studying astrophysics, living with his uncle Edward, Bud Tingwall in the old family home. Around the corner Liz Davies, Kate Oliver, is working as a part-time cleaner while trying to write a novel. Her housemate is sax player Michael, Michael Angus. Funny things are starting to happen in Edward's house. Dean discovers an old book in the cellar which appears to be writing his life as he lives it. And to add to the spookiness an evil spirit is after the book. It's only when the evil one wins a battle that Dean finds himself out on the streets, with everything changed around him. Edward no longer recognises him, nor does Michael whom he'd once met. But when he wanders into Liz's street, he's familiar to her and she to him. The production values in The Inside Story by writer/producer/director Robert Sutherland are impressive, the special effects convincing. But it's also been written with zest and imagination, the performances from a largely unknown cast, apart from Bud Tingwall are convincing, delightful even. It's a supernatural cross-fictional romp that is pure entertainment.