From New Zealand comes this intriguing and multilayered story of an unlikely pair of friends: Paul, a burned-out war correspondent, and Celia, his student and admirer. On a recuperative trip home to his father\'s ostrich farm, Paul decides to stay in town and teach at the local high school, where he meets Celia, a promising young writer. Their relationship is frowned upon, and when Celia disappears, Paul is the prime suspect in her disappearance. This crisis inspires him to confront his past and shape his future.

An impressive first feature from Brad McGann.

In My Father\'s Den shows us an intimate, close-knit community, with a simmering discontent lurking underneath. Emily Barclay gives an engaging, unpredictable performance as Celia, and Matthew MacFadyen delivers a strong performance in the lead role. The images of the Central Otago landscape, by cinematographer, Stuart Dyburgh, are striking too. There are problems with the structure of the film - which seems overly complicated and it takes a long time to reach its finale, but it\'s an impressive first feature from Brad McGann.