A happily married woman (Ariane Ascaride) carries on a secretive affair with a daytime lover, and is unable to decide between the two men in her life. When the truth is revealed, she much contend with her husband and daughter\'s feelings of hurt and betrayal, and her own desire for freedom.

An intriguing look at a woman\'s reluctant choice between the two great loves of her life.

Marie-Jo, Ariane Ascaride, is married to Daniel, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, a builder. They live together in Marseilles with their teenage daughter, Julie, Julie-Marie Parmentier. Marie-Jo helps Daniel with his accounts and works as a driver for the local hospital. She seems happy - she IS happy and she loves her husband. But, secretly, she has a lover, Marco, Gerard Meylan, a ship\'s pilot and a bachelor who lives in a nearby apartment. Marie-Jo and Marco meet for daytime lovemaking, and she\'s adept at juggling the two men in her life until, inevitably, fate intervenes. French director Robert Guediguian, who lives and works in Marseilles, has almost entirely eliminated the political sub-text of his last film, The Town Is Quiet(La Ville Est Tranquille), for this very perceptive study of a woman who can\'t decide between two lovers. In other hands, this familiar story might have been trite or commonplace, but Guediguian and his remarkable cast bring the characters, warts and all, vividly to life. Ariane Ascaride is radiant in the title role as an ordinary, middle-aged, woman whose personal life is maybe not quite so ordinary; Jean-Pierre Darroussin strongly conveys the kindly husband whose suppressed anger at his wife\'s betrayal simmers below the surface, and the less charismatic Gerard Meylan amply embodies the qualities that attract Marie-Jo to him. There\'s also intelligent support from Julie-Marie Parmentier as their judgmental daughter. Marseilles itself provides an attractive backdrop to this universal story.