Santiago Munez (Kuno Becker) dreams of becoming a professional soccer player, but life is hard in Los Angeles, where he and his family moved as illegal immigrants 10 years earlier. When visiting sports scout Glen Foy (Stephen Dillane) sees him play at a local amateur game, he recognises his talent and sets up a tryout with the manager of Newcastle United (Marcel Iures). His father (Tony Plana) discourages him, but with the help of his grandmother (Miriam Colon), Munez makes his way to England, where the weather is foul, competition is fierce and the club has just signed up Gavin Harris (Alessandro Nivola), who is rapt in his own celebrity.

This won\'t do much to advance film-making, it is a great promotion for football.

Having arrived in America illegally from Mexico at the age of 10 Santiago Mu\'ez - Kuno Becker has a talent for football. His father Tony Plana does not share his passion believing that only hard work will give them a better life. Noticed for his champion qualities by ex English football player and scout Glen Foy \' Stephen Dillane Santiago is offered the opportunity of a life time. Glen has secured an interview with the world famous Newcastle United manager played by Marcel Iures but he will have to convince his family and get himself to England.

Well there\'s no denying it Goal is primarily a promotional vehicle with funding from FIFA, cameo appearances from football stars such as David Beckham and a major sports manufacturing sponsor plugged throughout which makes it hard to distinguish the art from the add. Mexican heart throb Becker is well cast but if you watch closely you can quickly tell that he is no footballer, add to that the cliches and contrivances and quickly it becomes very predictable. With a competent supporting cast adequately portraying their stereotypical rolls, this won\'t do much to advance film-making, it is a great promotion for football. That aside it will certainly draw its audience from the many young aspiring football fans and their parents that live vicariously through them.

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1 hour 58 min
Thu, 06/03/2010 - 11