It’s the late 60s in rural Bengal, Lati (Samata Das), the virginal daughter of a Rajani (Rituparna Sengupta), one of the most popular of the village prostitutes, wants desperately to get an education rather than follow in her mother’s footsteps. But Rajani has noticed that the all-powerful local businessman Natabar Paladhi (Ramgopal Bajaj), the lecherous owner of the local cinema amongst other things, has his eye on her, with the potential promise of a (financially) easier life. Lati seeks the help of schoolteacher Nagen (Pradeep Mukherjee) to leave her village for a better life.

It’s the late 60s in rural Bengal, wants to get an education rather than gets married.

In a small village thirty years ago the most powerful man is Natabar Paladhi, Ramgopal Bajaj, a businessman whose enterprises include the operation of the local cinema. Paladhi is a lecher who spends a lot of his time obsessively watching scenes censored from movies. His attention has been captured by Lati, Samata Das, the young daughter of Rajana, Rituparna Sangupta. Rajana works as a prostitute in the local brothel, but Lati is still a virgin and longs to find a better life in the world outside the village. Buddhadeb Dasgupta, one of Bengal\'s leading filmmakers, has always been interested in the marginal figures of Indian society. Here he fleshes out a basically simple story, about a powerful lecher who lusts after a powerless young girl, with a wider look at this isolated community and some of its more eccentric inhabitants. Performances are excellent, and though this is a relatively minor work from Dasgupta it\'s often touching and contains a few surprises.