Adrien Brody stars as Jack Starks - a Gulf War veteran sent home suffering amnesia. While hitchhiking, he helps a drunken mother and her young daughter with their broken down car. The next thing he knows he?s taking the rap for the murder of a policeman and is committed to a criminal asylum, where mad Doctor Becker - Kris Kristofferson - is experimenting with a new treatment. Strapped into a straight jacket, drugged up and locked in a mortuary draw for hours, Jack discovers he can travel through time. In this future, he meets the little girl - now a young woman played by Kiera Knightly.The premise of The Jacket is simply ridiculous. Brody and Knightly have a strong chemistry on screen, but the heavy handed direction, convoluted script and constant time shifts work against them. The only breath of fresh air is Brian Eno?s unnerving and effective score. It?s worth a look but be prepared to be left wondering what it?s all about. Maybe they should have filed this idea away for future reference, Fenella.