Joe Dirt screams loser - driving an old Chrysler that`s seen many additions and subtractions, with his mullet hairdo and zero lifestyle he`s dumped on by just about everyone he meets. He gets cleaning jobs to get by but it isn`t until he`s lured onto a radio program by Zander Kelly - Dennis Miller - who just wants to make this freak the butt of his jokes that Joe`s story emerges. He`s spent his life searching for his parents who lost him at the Grand Canyon when he was only eight .. On his odyssey he forms a sort of family with the lovely Brandy -Brittany Daniel - in the idyllic Silvertown, and with failing fireworks salesman Kicking Wing - Adam Beach; he found a father figure in Clem, Christopher Walken - who`s working as a janitor under the witness protection program, and an older sister in Roseanna Arquette who runs a gator farm. There`s one thing about Joe, he never gives up, he`s chronically optimistic, as his mummy used to say `Is this the way you want to be when Jesus comes back?` With dogballs stuck to icy verandahs, bombs laden with pooh and frozen pooh meteorites the humour of Joe Dirt is aimed pretty much at adolescents but I thought there were actually some redeeming features of this first film from television director Dennie Gordon.Score from guest Reviewer, David Caesar, 1 star