Joe Scheffer, Allen, is a communications video expert in a Minneapolis pharmaceuticals company. He tiptoes through life feeling invisible - the promotion that was promised has failed to materialise, his wife, Kelly Lynch, left him for an untalented actor taking their 12 year old daughter Natalie, Hayden Panettiere. The final straw comes when he`s humiliated in front of Natalie in his work`s carpark by the office bully Mark McKinney, Patrick Warburton. He falls into a major depression and is rescued by the company`s `wellness coordinator` Meg Harper, Julie Bowen. Meg unwittingly helps him realise that what he really wants is revenge. He starts training with former B-grade action movie star Chuck Scarett, Jim Belushi...Joe Somebody is obviously aimed at family entertainment but it has a strange, undecided tone to it. It`s not uproariously funny, it`s a politically correct message film really - you don`t have sex until you`re convinced you`re in love, fighting is a no-no, the esteem of superficial peers is unimportant. Tim Allen has a very likeable presence on screen, it just seems to be difficult for him to find a project that suits his particular talents. Joe Somebody is the first produced screenplay of John Scott Shepherd and we`re going to see quite a bit of his work in the future.