Small towner Josie McCoy, Rachael Leigh Cook, and her friends Melody, Tara Reid, and Valerie, Rosario Dawson, have formed a girls band, Josie and the Pussycats. They`re initially delighted to be `discovered` by Wyatt Frame, Alan Cumming, a representative from Mega Records, who needs a replacement for a boy band he`s just, literally, sabotaged. Transformed into chart-toppers, Josie and her friends soon discover something`s not right - Wyatt and his boss at Mega, the formidable Fiona, Parker Posey, have a sinister agenda....Based on a comic strip and the 70s animated TV show, Josie And The Pussycats is a simple satire on the music business, but quite a lot of it is funny. The notion that teenagers are being brainwashed by subliminal messages beamed through their headphones - "Heath Ledger is the next Matt Damon" being a typical example - isn`t especially new (Peter Watkins tackled a similar theme in Privilege in 1967) but it`s still amusing, and the rampant product placement and the extravagent sets are fun too. Performances are particularly good, with the three young women delightful as the band members and Alan Cumming and Parker Posey camping it up extravagantly as the outrageous record company representatives.