Dr. Alan Grant, Sam Neill, whose scientific programmes are strapped for cash, reluctantly agrees to guide an apparently rich couple, Paul and Amanda Kirby, William H. Macy and Tea Leoni, on a flight over the island of Ilsa Sorna, where man-eating dinosaurs still roam. Big mistake! The Kirbys actually plan to land on the island to search for their son, Eric, who`s been missing since a fatal parasailing encounter. Their plane is wrecked and the small group of survivors face some deadly foes. The third and least of the Jurassic Park series - this is like so many sequels where scenes that impressed us the first time around are no longer fresh, and nothing new has been found to augment them. The dinosaurs, including a couple of new ones, are still impressive, and you still have to tweak yourself to remember that they`re not real. But the plot is pretty thin, and the film has 2nd Rate written all over it. It`s good to have Sam Neill back on board, and William H. Macy is always a reliable performer, but I must say I won`t be holding my breath for part 4.Comments From Margaret Pomeranz.Remembering back to the excitement with which we all approached the original in this series, any sequel is bound to be a disappointment merely because we know what to expect. The computer graphics are better, but the excitement is less. Still Sam Neill lends a gravitas to the whole proceedings ? and we know what they are ? he, the paleontologist needs money for his research so he gets himself involved with stupid people! Enough Sam, it?s not worth it. But for Sam, maybe it is. And so too for that fine actor William H Macy and the stoic Tea Leoni. So the casting?s good, the fright is not there apart from an impressive opening sequence, this is no surprise cinema. What you expect, you get. But without the imagination, the depth of charcterisation of the original, and that wasn?t all that deep.