An adaptation of the bestselling Department Q crime novel series by Jussi Adler-Olsen, by the screenwriter of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and the director of Borgen. Carl Mørck is a disgraced detective who is reassigned to the lowly task of filing cold cases in the basement for the newly created Department Q. On his first day, Carl's stubborn nature rears its head and he vows to investigate the mystery of a missing politician, who vanished five years earlier. Believing the case to be unsolved, he and his assistant, Assad, embark on a dangerous journey that will lead them into the dark underworld of Copenhagen.


We're distributing The Keeper of Lost Causes in Australia, in a partnership with Madman Films. Naturally we think you'll love the movie but we'll leave the reviews to others. 

Here's a sample of what other critics are saying about it:

"A difficult but unswerving Danish cop reopens the case of a female politician who allegedly committed suicide in The Keeper of Lost Causes, another effective, great-looking and well-acted Scandinavian crime film based on a bestselling novel.

"Through clever plotting and mise-en-scene, the right information is moved into place while crucial faces or connections are kept from the audience until the final act."

- The Hollywood Reporter

"The story is structured so it is not so much about the solving of the whodunit, but more about the why. Bleak and dark and at times brutal, it spirals nicely into a tense climax."

- Screen Daily


Exclusive interview with Nicolaj Lie Kaas

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