Yet another alumnus of American television`s Saturday Night Live has managed to achieve big screen status. One of Tim Meadows most popular creations was Leon Phelps, The Ladies` Man, a radio talk-back host with a little girl lisping voice who deals with relationship problems. He`s not a psychologist he tells us, but his credentials are that he`s done it with a lot of ladies. And he can`t stop doing it. Which is why he has a posse of disaffected husbands and partners out to get him...This film has an MA rating but the level of humour seems to be pitched at eleven year olds. It is strangely na?ve, often offensive, but there are worse things in life than being offended. It`s main crime is it`s majorly unfunny. Perhaps one needs to learn to love Leon over time which we haven`t had a chance to do in this country, but The Ladies Man is one of the most unappealing films to hit our screens in recent times. No-one comes out alive, least of all Julianne Moore in a very strange cameo.