An earthquake in the Aegean sea reveals a long-lost temple once owned by Alexander the Great - and in the temple is a magical orb which is really a map of the location of Pandora's Box. The British government, determined to prevent deranged Jonathan Reiss, Ciaran Hinds, who buys and sells weapons of mass destruction, from getting his hands on this source of evil, assigns Lara Croft, Angelina Jolie, to the case. Lara takes on as her partner former agent Terry Sheridan, Gerard Butler, who has the hots for her, though she keeps him at arm's length; with the action zipping about all over the globe from Greece to China to Africa, there's not much time for romance. Lara Croft is back, and Angelina Jolie is having fun with the role. This scantily-clad female James Bond, with her plummy English accent and her dexterity in the action field, is entertaining company, and it's a pity that the plot of the new film is so patently absurd. Still, Jan De Bont handles it all with a bit more flair than Simon West did the first time around, and the film looks very handsome. Alongside Jolie, nobody else makes much of an impression, least of all Ciaran Hinds' villain; Noah Taylor has very little to do, but I'm sure he was well paid for doing it.