The film follows the relationships of three women of different generations. The youngest is Francesca, an 18-year-old schoolgirl who falls for Carlo, a 30-year old man who's panicking that his life is over because his partner Giulia is expecting a baby. Carlo and Francesca have an affair and when Giulia finds out, she kicks Carlo out of the house and flees to her parents, who in turn have problems of their own. Giulia's mother, Anna has issues of her own as Giulia's pregnancy suddenly makes Anna feel that she's aging and losing her looks.

Exuberantly performed by an ensemble cast and very nicely directed by writer/director Gabriele Muccino.

This is about a group of thirty year old men and the women who try to love them. Marco, Stefano Accorso, is facing imminent parenthood with his partner of three years Guilia, Giovanna Mezzogiorno. He doesn`t have a particularly good role model in his friend Adriano, Giorgio Pasotti, a recent father whose marriage has become a nightmare. And what`s to look forward to? Guilia`s mother Anna, Stefania Sandrelli, is desperate to escape her stultifying marriage to Emilio, Luigi Diberti. Anna is desperate to feel loved. And there are others in the group, Paolo, Claudio Santamaria, suffering unrequited love and a desperate urge to escape the family business and the imminent death of his father. And Alberto, Marco Cocci, who seems to have it all with a different woman every night. Marco finds himself irresistibly and irresponsibly attracted to a young student Francesca, Martina Stella...

This comedy drama is surprisingly cynical about the concept of men being in any way an answer to what women want. These adolescent thirty year olds shy away from commitment. But within the cynicism there seems to be some truths - it is difficult to maintain the passion within a relationship. As Emilio says, `People have been marrying for thousands of years, there must be a reason.` But he doesn`t seem to be able to figure out what it is. Exuberantly performed by an ensemble cast and very nicely directed by writer/director Gabriele Muccino, The Last Kiss is one of the most enjoyable films I`ve seen recently, despite the cynicism.