Jamal works at a decrepit California theme park in danger of being put out of business by a rival park. Cleaning Medieval World\'s moat, he falls into the water, only to recover in 14th-century England. There, Jamal meets Sir Knolte (Tom Wilkinson), a dissolute knight, before he stumbles into the court of the usurper King Leo (Kevin Conway). Jamal is impressed by what he thinks is the realism of the theme park; only after witnessing a gory beheading does he realize, with horror, where he really is. Jamal encounters the beautiful Victoria (Marsha Thomason) who is scheming to return the queen (Helen Carey) to the throne, and falls afoul of the evil Sir Percival (Vincent Regan). Joining forces with Sir Knolte and Victoria, Jamal teaches the rebels some helpful football, golfing, and boxing moves, before he dons the armor of the awesome Black Knight.

Just another silly comedy for pre-teens but it isn`t hateful.

The broadness of what we`re about to see is shoved in our faces as our hero Jamal, Martin Lawrence ablutes to camera - cleaning teeth, ears and removing nose hair. And, I`m ashamed to admit, I nearly laughed then and there. Jamal works as an odd-job man at a local Mediavel World theme park. When he accidentally falls in the castle`s moat while trying to reach a chain with an amulet, he`s sucked into a vortex and ejected into the world of 1328 England where he meets a down and out knight played by Oscar nominee Tom Wilkinson and then enters into the corrupt world of King Leo and his cohorts who`ve wrested the throne from the rightful queen. En route he meets a tasty chambermaid played by Marsha Thomason.

This classic fish out of water story has some limited charms, it`s certainly for me Lawrence`s least dislikeable comedy. I just hated Big Momma`s House. At least the film has some sort of internal integrity - the players seem to treat their roles with -possibly undeserved - respect. The director was Gil Junger who made 10 Things I Hate About You, after developing a career in television. This is just another silly comedy for pre teens but it isn`t hateful.

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