English writer director Charles Sturridge brings back to the screen the much beloved Boarder Collie Lassie. Set in Yorkshire, the Carraclough family fall on hard times after the local coal mine closes. When the Duke of Rudling-Peter O'Toole approaches the family to buy Lassie for his granddaughter Sam Carraclough - John Lynch and his wife Sarah - Samantha Morton grudgingly accepts. After a series of escapes Lassie is finally transported 500 miles away to a castle in Scotland and there her mammoth journey begins as she makes her way back to beloved master, 9 year old Joe - Jonathan Mason. The Legend of Lassieis superbly preserved by write director Charles Sturridge who has taken his inspiration from the original novel Lassie Come Home. The casting is spot on especially Jonathan Mason and Peter O'Toole who both nail their characters with much conviction. Howard Atherton's cinematography captures the stunning landscapes of the Scottish highlands that serve as the backdrop for Lassie's journey. A diverse ensemble cast, classic cameos and even the appearance of the Lochness monster, make this old school children's film one of my best bets in family entertainment this year.

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1 hour 40 min