A couple of Belfast mates mistakenly believe they have escaped from a local bully whom they unwittingly came into conflict with. Meanwhile, they\'ve overstayed their welcome in Sydney and attract the attentions of immigration officials.

The screenplay isn\'t funny enough to sustain an only intermittently enjoyable road movie.

The Craic- the title is Irish slang for a bellylaugh or a good time - is a tepid vehicle for stand-up comedian Jimeoin, who is a likeable personality but whose screenplay isn`t funny enough to sustain an only intermittently enjoyable road movie. The confrontation between European innocents and Aussie eccentrics was better handled 33 years ago in They`re a Weird Mob, though there are some gems among the supporting players, notably Charles Bud Tingwell as a crusty melon farmer. An added liability is that Jimeoin talks with such a broad accent I had real trouble understanding a lot of what he said.Margaret`s Comment:What do you say about a film that is good-natured but really incredibly mundane. The screenplay for The Craic by its star Jimeoin is the cause, it`s vastly underdeveloped. We never get to know him let alone laugh with him and Jimeoin is meant to be one of this country`s acknowledged stand-up comedians. The lack of verbal comedy is strange in the circumstances. Jimeoin seems wary of revealing himself. When you don`t have physical comedy - except for a series of escapes in their underwear by our two heroes, you don`t have wit, there`s no character development and a plot is all but missing you don`t actually have a lot in a movie. As the distributors seem keen for critics to see this film with a `normal` audience so that we get caught up in the merriment of it all, I counted five laughs in 90 minutes. Not a lot, not enough. And when it could have turned into a buddies romp, the buddies are more like a squabbling married couple than two guys on the run having the worst time of their lives. The one scene that caused genuine guffaws was the Australian pub commentary on our hero`s guest appearance on the TV show `The Meet Market`, a take-off of `A Perfect Match`. There was genuine affection and an eye for the idiosyncrasies of Oz character here which struck a chord. Sadly The Craic is not only underdeveloped it`s also unresolved.