In Crete, a vendetta is spawned in 1943 by Yiayia Maria (1943 -71 Noni Ioannidou, older Tasso Kavvadia), when she swears to track down the man she believes killed her husband. Her grandson Manos (Lakis Lazopoulos) is the instrument of revenge 57 years later, when Vassili (Alexi Anthopoulos) is found to be in Melbourne. But while Manos is there, he rekindles an old friendship, falls in love, becomes a father and learns the truth about himself and the man he is sent to kill.

A life without revenge is like a night without a moon!

In 1943, on the island of Crete, pro- and anti-fascists are fighting one other. When Alexandros is shot by Vasilli, his widow vows vengeance, initiating a vendetta which continues on to the present day. When some elderly Cretans living in Melbourne see Vassili, now a prosperous businessman, they alert Manos, the grandson of Alexandros. Manos, however, isn`t the killing kind; he`s a gentle village school-teacher, and he doesn`t want to continue the vendetta. He does, however, have a twin brother who is eager to do the job. This Greek-Australian co-production, directed by John Tatoulis, who made The Silver Brumby, was released 2 ? years ago in Greece, where it was quite a success perhaps because of the presence of popular entertainer Lakis Lazopoulos, who plays both the brothers. It`s a comedy which starts off well, but loses steam in the middle, but the performances, including Zoe Caridies as the love interest and John Bluthal, as a wily old pillar of the Crete community in Melbourne, are enjoyable. Lazopoulos himself is an amiable presence in this minor, but still quite attractive, film.