Eddy (John Howard) is a family man and a fisherman, who for the last 25 years has had a secret second job as a standover man, to provide a better lifestyle for his wife Yvonne (Rebecca Frith) and his 20 year old daughter Chantelle (Alyssa McClelland). When Chantelle's fiance disappears, the wedding plans are put on hold and in the chaos, Eddy feels distanced from his daughter – who believes her emotionally blocked father has only two feelings "angry" and "very angry". Overeager to get on the same wavelength as his daughter and recapture the closeness they once had, Eddy gets his new sidekick, Dominic (Gyton Grantley) to start reading Chantelle's diary and relay her innermost thoughts and feelings.

A lightweight Aussie 'Sopranos'.

John Howard plays Eddy, a bloke who's always provided well for his family, wife Yvonne (Rebecca Firth) and daughter Chantelle (Alyssa McClelland). To maintain this affluence Eddy secretly moonlights as a standover man. But providing the best for the ones you love is sometimes not enough. Eddy has difficulty understanding his family's emotional needs. Chantelle's fiance mysteriously disappears leaving her distraught, and Eddy stoops to deceptive means to find out how he can make her happy.

This is a light weight Aussie Soprano's with some strong performances that maintain the humour throughout. Alyssa McClelland steals the show as the feisty match to her sometimes overbearing father. Her twisted love songs provide some of the funniest moments of the film. An amusing take on the newly affluent and their inability to connect emotionally.