Wilson, Terence Stamp, who has just been released from prison after serving nine years, flies to Los Angeles when he hears his daughter, Jenny, has been killed in a car accident. Determined to find out the truth about her death, Wilson learns from her friend, Ed, Luis Guzman, that she was involved with Terry Valentine, Peter Fonda, a rock `n` roll promoter....Steven Soderbergh`s The Limey was made in 1999, after the director`s mainstream success with the George Clooney-Jennifer Lopez thriller Out Of Sight and before Erin Brockovich - don`t ask why it sat on the distributor`s shelf for two years, but now that it`s here it`s to be welcomed. It`s a terse thriller, reminiscent of the work of Don Siegel, but given a modern sensibility thanks to the fragmented editing and the deliberately dislocating structure. Stamp is a wonderful presence as the avenging angel, and it was a masterstroke to incorporate scenes from one of his early films, Ken Loach`s Poor Cow, to use in flashbacks. Peter Fonda is perfectly cast as the epitome of 60s culture - his explanation of what the 60s were really all about is one of the film`s most amusing moments. Witty, intelligent and exciting, The Limey is a top-notch thriller.