Ten separate but vaguely intertwining stories of love in modern London (and a bit in Marseilles), lead up to a climactic resolution on Christmas Eve. The film begins six weeks before Christmas, with the new bachelor Prime Minister of England (Hugh Grant), arriving at 10 Downing Street and falling at first sight for the chubby and bubbly girl who brings him his tea. The PM’s sister Karen (Emma Thompson) and her husband Harry (Alan Rickman) are having a bit of a crisis, as is Sarah (Laura Linney) who has been secretly pining for co-worker Carl (Rodrigo Santoro) and is encouraged by her boss – Harry – to go get him at the Christmas party. Other stories include newlyweds and another secret love that is discovered after the wedding, and the special relationship between just-widowed stepfather (Liam Neeson) and very young Sam (Thomas Sangster).

David and Margaret didn't agree on this one either.

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David: "You'd have to be pretty churlish not to be entertained by this often funny, sometimes emotional and only slightly over-calculating chocolate box of a movie."

Margaret: "Are you calling me churlish, David?"

David: "If you don't like it, I am, yes." 

Margaret: "I think this could be called 'Love, Superficially' "