Eight-year-old Julien (Thibault Verhaeghe) is drawn to little immigrants' daughter Sophie (Josephine Lebas-Joly) as his mother lies dying, his father a distant figure of authority and rebuke, they begin playing a game of dare with each other, first as a childish but effective escape from their respectively troubled reality. Whoever has the tin box – a sentimental gift from Julien's mother, decorated with a merryground – has the call... As they grow up (Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard) the friendship grows and they invent ever-more extreme forms of dare. The relationship turns to a troubled, edgy romance, their dares still the narcotic of their lives, until Sophie calls it all off for 10 years. Their lives diverge, but deep down, they are welded together and when the 10 years is up, they dare to meet again - with amazing results.

Best friends Julien and Sophie continue the outrageous game they started as children.

This unconventional love story follows the lives of Julien and Sophia, who are drawn to each other through emotional tragedies in their childhood. They don't seem capable of expressing their feelings in the usual way. Instead they play an escalating game of one-upmanship that involves the exchange of a tin music box (a gift to Julien from his dying mother). The one who takes the box has to commit some wild and crazy prank, and each new dare becomes more extreme and tragic.

Love Me If You Dare is a dark romantic comedy shot with extraordinary energy and high-speed editing. Its hyper-real, breathtaking fantasy sequences leave us with several possible interpretations about the couple's fate. This is a bold and challenging first film that forces us to reconsider our emotional connection within relationships. Enchantingly horrifying.