Not content with the good life behind bars at the New York City Zoo, Marty the zebra - voiced by Chris Rock - dreams of greener pastures. He decides to break free in search of the wild. His friends Alex the lion, Ben Stiller, Gloria the hippo, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Melman the giraffe, David Schwimmer go after him, creating havoc. Before they can get back to the zoo they?re captured and put on a ship to Africa. When four sneaky penguins sabotage the ship, they find themselves washed ashore on the island of Madagascar. I really enjoyed Madagascar and the way it operates on many levels. The hilarious innuendos of Ali G's King of the Limas will strike a chord with adults whilst keeping the children thoroughly entertained. The film doesn't stoop to overt sentimentality, and manages to slip in some funny and obscure cultural references. The music's spot on too, with dance numbers that had me falling out of my seat. This is one great tropical island holiday the whole family can afford.