The new romantic comedy Made of Honour follows the well trod path of will they or won't they make it to the altar.

Grey's Anatomy's Patrick Dempsey stars as Tom, a wealthy entrepreneur who has an inability to form lasting and meaningful relationships with women.

His best friend is Hannah - played by Michelle Monaghan. Their relationship survives because it's purely plutonic. But when Hannah leaves for an overseas trip, Tom suddenly realises she is in fact the one. It may however, all be too late.

British director Paul Weiland delivers a polished film. From the soundtrack, to the way it is shot there is no mistaking it is a romantic comedy.

The performances from all the cast are really strong. Patrick Dempsey, with his impeccable timing, is very funny. And he and Michelle Monaghan have great on screen chemistry.

My problem with Made of Honour is that the obvious gags and situations felt obligatory rather than necessary. And unfortunately they often detracted from Adam Sztykiel's funny screenplay and clever premise.

Made of Honour is an entertaining, fun romp that I believe could have been so much more if the filmmakers had trusted the material. But just when everything begins gelling, slapstick is thrown into the mix - and for me, it just didn't work.

Despite sometimes venturing into the absurd, Made of Honour is a really enjoyable romantic comedy boasting some great performances 3 stars. Made of Honour is in cinemas May 1.

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