Byron Tiller, Andy Garcia, is a novelist but his career has hit a low point; his first book wasn't a success, and no publisher wants his second, which is about migrant workers. How can he provide for his wife, Julianna Margulies, and son? The answer comes when he meets Luther Fox, Mick Jagger, the suave boss of Elysian Fields, an agency which provides lovers for lonely women. Byron signs up, and finds himself escorting lovely Andrea Allcott, Olivia Williams, the young wife of the great but ageing novelist Tobias Allcott, James Coburn. Tobias is accepting of the fact that his wife finds companionship with a younger man - the two writers even begin a collaboration. George Hickenlooper's film starts off very well but towards the end improbabilities in the screenplay become a bit worrying. Still, there are wonderful performances here, with Mick Jagger quite eerie and mysterious as Fox and the late James Coburn bringing class to the role of the ageing literary giant.