Living in a coastal town in Australia, catching crayfish, Steve Myers, Billy Connolly, is a bit of a drop-out, he barely makes a living, he`s given up on his marriage to Jules, Wendy Hughes, although he loves their daughter Rebecca, Emily Browning. And then lightning strikes literally. His boat is blown spectacularly out of the water. No worries, he`s insured. But there`s that clause in the contract. No payment on an `act of God`. Steve`s ropable, he heads for the city to confront the insurance company, which of course won`t budge, so then he decides to sue God and take on the churches. In the process he meets equally disillusioned journalist Anna Redmond, Judy Davis, it`s a scratchy sort of relationship ..The Man Who Sued God is based on a screenplay by political writer Don Watson, who also wrote the film Passion and it was directed by Mark Joffe of Spotswood and Cosi fame. It`s a challenging romantic romp, dealing as it does with matters theological, but Billy Connolly is a charming rogue as the hero and Judy Davis shows her deftness in comedy. That fine actor Bille Brown obviously relishes his role as the legal representative of the churches. Possibly the film could have been slightly more exhilarating in presenting this modern tilter at windmills as he takes on the establishment, but it`s a very enjoyable comedy that requires possibly just a bit more attention from audiences than we`re used to in this sort of genre.