Battling blizzards and starvation, the Emperor Penguins of Antarctica commence their treacherous journey back to their traditional breeding ground.


Award wining French wildlife documentarian Luc Jacquet takes us into a world rarely seen on the big screen in March of the Penguins. It's time to rug up as we head into the bleak and desolate Antarctic, following the Emperor Penguin on its dangerous mating ritual. Our guide, Morgan Freeman, outlines the penguins' treacherous 70 mile journey back to the place where they were born ' all this done walking and sliding on ice in single file! Once they pair off and breed they will remain together until the chick is old enough to fend for itself. Battling blizzards and starvation, and having to balance the egg on their clawed feet, these penguins are a testament to survival. Wow, what a breathtaking experience! My teeth were chattering all the way. Unlike many nature documentaries we've seen on TV, this is epic storytelling. Jacquet and his team certainly deserve our admiration enduring nature at its most extreme to capture so cinematically this desolate terrain.
Exquisite photography juxtaposes the penguins' aquatic prowess with their epic struggle across the ice. Morgan Freeman's narration sets the perfect tone, which never overwhelms the already dramatic story of the Penguin's struggle for existence So much for intelligent design' nature is nuts BUT the penguin just keeps soldiering on in the midst of this madness.